Marcelo Nisinman Trio

Marcelo Nisinman Trio

Instrumental Tango


Vogler Quartett & Marcelo Nisinman

The collaboration between the Vogler Quartett & Marcelo Nisinman started already a few years ago.

On november the 30th of year 2013 a concert was recorded live at  Konzerthaus in Berlin and a new Cd is already out, released by Jazzwerkstatt label, Germany.

The Cd includs the Premiere of a piece composed by Nisinman specially for the Vogler Quartett, «4 x Vogler».

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El 13

Absurd-Tango-Theater piece for Soprano, Speaker & Chamber Ensemble

This is my new composition with texts written by Carlos Trafic, my beloved poet and actor.

It is about a passionated love story that turns out wrong but it is also about the absurdity of life.

We did already 3 performances (Premiers) at Ackermannshof in Basel, Switzerland  (19th, 20th and 21st September 2014)

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Tango Factory

Tango Factory Pic


Tango Factory is a unique Tango ensemble, a collaboration of four exceptional musicians, brought together by Marcelo Nisinman & Chen Halevi.

Marcelo Nisinman is joined by virtuoso Israeli clarinetist Chen Halevi, Matan Porat at the piano and Winfried Holzenkamp at the double bass.

They perform mainly Marcelo Nisinman’s original compositions and arrangements, as well as some pieces by Matan Porat.

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Nuevo Tango Nuevo

Nuevo Tango Nuevo was born from a desire to provide a creative platform for composers to explore and develop new visions that will expand the repertoire of orchestral tango.

This first album gathers three artists among the most prominent argentine composers of today : Marcelo Nisinman, Pablo Ortiz, Julio Viera.

New Cd ready, released by OehmsClassics.

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Nuevo Tango Nuevo

Facundo Agudin & Marcelo Nisinman