2007-2008 Acqua Records AQ 211

Tango Music-Theater Composition by Marcelo Nisinman (Music)
and Carlos Trafic (Text & Libretto)

Araceli Fernández, Coloratur Sopran
Carlos Trafic, Speaker, Actor and Regisseur
Hannu Siiskonen, Electric Gitarre
Winfried Holzenkamp, Double Bass
Marcelo Nisinman, Bandoneón

1. Introducción «Subterraneos de Buenos Aires»
2. «Pericles» (El perro)
3. «El papagayo de Kafka»
4. «Paseandome como un perro»
5. «Y nos seguimos viendo»
6. Intermezzo I° «Mi refugio (Atómico)»
7. «Romeo y Julieta»
8. «Tango del tiempo»
9. «En los pretextos de la guerra»
10. Intermezzo II°  «Fulano de Tal»  (Composition by Dino Saluzzi)
11. «Las Ratas»
12. «Quien es ese profesor?»
13. «La historia de nuestras traiciones»

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DESVIOS is a parody about the “PORTEÑO” (*) CULTURE and the rituals connected with the life and death of the human beings; Marcelo Nisinman's music and Carlos Trafic's texts achieve an existential trip of universal character.
“Desvios” is a short satirical Tango piece where each Tango is an universe in itself that can be played separately outside its context as an integrated work. It manages to gain a timeless and infinite universe achieved by means of minimun, but yet, essential musical and theatrical stuff.
This piece offers the possibility of being performed as a “whole”, in an aleatory order, succeeding in the creation of many atmospheres and situations, telling a different story with each combination but, nevertheless, being the same in substance: “THE UNREVEALED MYSTERY OF HUMAN MADNESS AND EXISTENCE”.
An Innovative vision of the music of Buenos Aires, a journey through the instrumental, sung and recited Tango with a “Lunfardo” (**) and minimalist tinted “Porteño” language.