"FRANZ" + Camerata Argentina, Music by M.Nisinman

Released on April 2019 by Los Años Luz Records LAL 128

FRANZ + Camerata Argentina

FRANZ are Daniel Falasca on Double Bass, Mariano Rey on Clarinets, Pablo Agri on Violin, Marcelo Nisinman on Bandoneon & Cristia Zarate on Piano


1. Pourquoi tu te leves (M.Nisinman)
2. El cartel de Juárez (C.Zarate, Arr. by M.Nisinman)
3. Ciudad triste (O. Tarantino, Arr. by M.Nisinman)
4. Argentinos en Europa (M.Nisinman) + Camerata Argentina
5. Holograma (C.Zarate, Arr. by M.Nisinman)
6. Hombre tango (M.Nisinman)
7. Oblivion (A.Piazzolla, Arr. by M.Nisinman) + Camerata Argentina
8. El entrerriano (R.Mendizabal, Arr. by M.Nisinman)
9. Pablo (Martínez, Arr. by C. Zarate)
10. Tanguera (M.Mores, Arr. by M.Nisinman)
11. Cuando tú no estás (C.Gardel, Arr. by M.Nisinman)
12. La puñalada (P.Castellanos, Arr. by M.Nisinman)
13. Nantes (Bárbara, Arr. by M.Nisinman)
14 El aeroplano (P.Datta, Arr. by M.Nisinman) + Camerata Argentina

"Hombre Tango" The music of Marcelo Nisinman

Released on March 2nd, 2018 by Basta Music 3093482


Almost ten years have gone by since Nisinman started writing a series of works which could be considered also to be musical portraits.

These are works dedicated to the musicians with whom Nisinman regularly collaborates and who inspired him to write these tangos.

The idea for and the engine behind this project came from his friend Alberto Mesirca, to whom he dedicates “Alberto’s Tango for Solo Guitar”. “Diana’s Tango” for piano is dedicated to Diana Ketler; the new version of “La Cumparsita” to Natacha Kudritskaya, and “Daniel’s Tango” to Daniel Rowland.

In this recording you will find also a few Baroque compositions, by Buxtehude, Bach and Purcell. Nisinman arranged “Music for a While” especially for Romina Basso.


1. Hombre Tango
2. Music for a While
3. Daniel’s Tango
4. In Dulci Jubilo
5. La Cumparsita
6. Denket dem Herrn, denn er ist so freundlich
7. Ciudad Triste
8. Alberto’s Tango
9. Hereticus
10. Diana’s Tango
11. Patético
12. Homenaje a un Angel

"4 AM Tango" Marcelo Nisinman, Baltic Neopolis Orchestra

Released on June 2019 by Dux, DUX 1402

Classical rhythms, original works and musical traditions of the port Buenos Aires in an innovative arrangement are showcased on this album by Marcelo Nisiman and the Baltic Neoplis Orchestra. Marcelo Nisinman is an Argentine composer and bandoneon virtuoso who, as an acclaimed soloist, is invited to perform by orchestras and festival organisers around the world. He pursues his musical passion in the rhythm of tango with the Baltic Neopolis Orchestra, a Szczecin chamber orchestra. The material on this album had to include pieces by Piazzolla and the classics of Argentine music.


1.Hombre Tango
2. Oblivion
3. 4 am Tango
4. El Aeroplano (arrangement by: Marcelo Nisinman)
5. Verano Porteño
6. Otoño Porteño
7. Invierno Porteño
8. Primavera Porteña
9. Recuerdos de Bohemia
10.Cuando tú no estás

"Chamberjam Europe" Astor Piazzolla & Marcelo Nisinman

Released on July 2017  by Berliner Meister Schallplatten  BMS 1714  180 Gram Virgin Vinyl

Direct To Disc

AAA 100% Analogue This LP was Remastered using Pure Analogue Components Only from the Master Tapes through to the Cutting Head

Pressed at Pallas Germany – Direct-to-Disc ( D2D )

Works by Astor Piazzolla and Marcelo Nisinman

Daniel Rowland – Violin
Marcel Nisinman – Bandoneon
Alberto Mesirca – Guitar
Natacha Kudritskaya – Piano
Zoran Markovic – Contrabass

Tango music lives with a strong tradition of renewing existing compositions with different arrangements, sometimes in a really different style. ChamberJam Europe’s new direct-to-disc album takes the listener through the history of Tango in various respects: There are entirely new, modern Tango compositions by Marcelo Nisinman, there are new arrangements of old Tangos, and there is a collection of pieces with the theme «L’histoire du Tango».
«Hombre Tango» is an obsessive piece including sections with irregular rhythms, which are not so common in Tango music. Even though it is Tango, it breaks with the tradition. «Oblivion», on the contrary, maintains its original melancholic and expressive mood, although the new arrangement is completely different than the original one, breaking its sweetness, especially in harmony and counterpoint. «Pourquoi tu te leves» is almost psychedelic. It is a story of love, starting well and ending bad. «El Entreterriano» is officially considered the first Tango in the history of Rio de la Plata. The new arrangement comes with a totally different language – the musical language of Buenos Aires, one century later.
«L’histoire du Tango» is one of the last compositions by Astor Piazzolla. He resumed the history of Tango in four periods: The beginning of Tango music («Bordel 1900»), the pubs where he started his musical career («Cafe 1930»), continuing with tiny places where Astor Piazzolla played with his quintet («Nightclub 1960»), concluding with New Tango – today’s Tango («Tango d’aujourd’hui»), which actually belongs to the 1980s.

Recording: November 2015 at Studio 1, Emil Berliner Studios, Berlin, by Stephan Flock
Production: Rainer Maillard & Stephan Flock


Side A

1. Hombre Tango by M. Nisinman
2. Oblivion by A. Piazzolla, Arr. M.Nisinman
3. Pourquoi tu te leves by M. Nisinman
4. El Entreterriano by A. Piazzolla, Arr. M. Nisinman


1. Bordel 1900 by A.Piazzolla
2. Cafe 1930 by A.Piazzolla
3. Nightclub 1960 by A.Piazzolla
4. Concert d’aujourd’hui by A.Piazzolla

"Solo" Bandoneon Solos

New Released on Nov. 2019 by Los Años Luz Records

Engraving in Basel, Switzerland, at the end of the 20th century.
Original illustrations by Roberto Volta.
© All rights reserved.


3. Páginas Muertas, Arr. M.Mori
4. En las sombras, Arr. A. Piazzolla
5. Rubí, Arr. M.Mori
6. Mi refugio. Arr. A. Piazzolla
7. Recuerdos de Bohemia, Arr. M.Mori
8. Divina, Arr. J. Pane
9. Soledad, Arr. M.Mori

"María de Buenos Aires" Neu Bearbeitet von Marcelo Nisinman

CD "María de Buenos Aires" New version by Marcelo Nisinman

Released on 2010 by Acqua Records, AQ 237

María de Buenos Aires New Version re-composed by Marcelo Nisinman
Opera Tango en dos partes/ Music: Astor Piazzolla Texts: Horacio Ferrer.

I chose to make this work available in this way, since at the time, this new version was meant to be censured. As an artist I belong to the tango tradition of arranging «classical tangos» in order to keep this music alive and not death. Downloads are FREE of charge or you can either choose to donate, in order to support my artistic work.

Marcelo Nisinman.

Raul Lavié: Tenor
Alicia Vignola: Mezzosoprano
Jorge Waisburd & Pelusa Suero: Speakers
Raul Becerra: Piccolo Flute & Flute
Gustavo Cosentino: Oboe & English Horn
Pablo Timenthal: Clarinet & Bass Clarinet
Andrea Merenzon: Bassoon & Contrabassoon
Miguel Angel Frette: Percussion (Glockenspiel, Vibraphone, Marimba, Snare Drum & Accessories)
Cristian Zarate: Piano & Celesta
Ricardo Lew: Electric Guitar
Marcelo Nisinman: Bandoneon
Fernando Suarez Paz: First Violin
Migue Angel Bertero: Second Violin
Benjamin Bru: Viola
Diego Sanchez: Violoncello
Roberto Tormo: Double-Bass
Francisca (Paqui) Valaguer, Susana Sisto & Pelusa Suero: Special Voices & Recited Choirs

© All rights reserved


3. Balada para un organito loco
4. Yo soy Maria
5. Milonga Carrieguera
6. Fuga y Misterio
7. Poema Valseado
8. Tocata Rea
9. Miserere Canyengue
10. Contramilonga a la funerala
11. Tangata del Alba
12. Carta a los arboles y a las chimeneas
13. Aria de los analistas
14. Allegro Tangabile
15. Milonga de la anunciación
16. Tangus Dei

"TangoArt" M. Nisinman & The Ensemble Musica Urbana

CD "Tango Art" Marcelo Nisinman & The Ensemble Musica Urbana

New Released on 2020 by Los años luz records

Marcelo Nisinman & The Ensemble Musica Urbana
+ Wendy Moten, Rosa Dominguez, Maurizio Grandinetti & Michael Arbenz

All music composed by Marcelo Nisinman except track N°3


3. El corazón al sur, by E. Blasquez, Arr. M.Nisinman
4. Sr. Tango
5. Argentinos en Europa
6. Take life as a slow-motion suicide process
7. Atenti nena que el tiempo pasa
8. Tango for bad people
9. La terrible sinceridad
10. Balada para un ególatra enloquecido (Bonus Track)

"Al principio" Duos for Bandoneón & Double Bass

CD "Al Principio" Duos bandoneón, contrabajo all music composed by Marcelo Nisinman

New released on 2020 by Los Años Luz Records

Duos for Bandoneón & Double Bass

«All music re-composed by Marcelo Nisinman based on traditional tangos»

Winfried Holzenkamp: Contrabajo
Marcelo Nisinman: Bandoneon

© All rights reserved


1. Ciudad Triste, by O. Tarantino, Arr. M. Nisinman
2. Ojos Negros, by V, Greco, Arr. M. Nisinman
3. Boedo, by J. De Caro, Arr. M. Nisinman
4. Milonga Triste, by S. Piana, Arr. M. Nisinman
5. La Cachila, By E. Arolas, Arr. M. Nisinman
6. Chacabuqueando, by R. Alvarez, Arr. M. Nisinman
7. Del Bajo Fondo, by O. Tarantino, Arr. M. Nisinman
8. Los Mareados, by J.C.Cobian, Arr. M. Nisinman
9. Adios Nonino, by A. Piazzolla, Arr. M. Nisinman
10. La Maleva, by A.Buglione, Arr. M. Nisinman
11. Oblivion, by A. Piazzolla, Arr. M. Nisinman

"Desvíos" Music-Theater composition for Speaker, Soprano & small Ensemble by M.Nisinman

CD "Desvios" Tango music theater composition by Marcelo Nisinman Music Carlos Trafic text libretto

New released on 2020 by Los Años Luz Records

Music-Theater Composition by Marcelo Nisinman (Music)
and Carlos Trafic (Text & Libretto)

Araceli Fernández, Coloratur Sopran
Carlos Trafic, Speaker, Actor and Regisseur
Hannu Siiskonen, Electric Gitarre
Winfried Holzenkamp, Double Bass
Marcelo Nisinman, Bandoneón


1. Introducción «Subterraneos de Buenos Aires»
2. «Pericles» (El perro)
3. «El papagayo de Kafka»
4. «Paseandome como un perro»
5. «Y nos seguimos viendo»
6. Intermezzo I° «Mi refugio (Atómico)»
7. «Romeo y Julieta»
8. «Tango del tiempo»
9. «En los pretextos de la guerra»
10. Intermezzo II°  «Fulano de Tal»  (Composition by Dino Saluzzi)
11. «Las Ratas»
12. «Quien es ese profesor?»
13. «La historia de nuestras traiciones»


CD "María de Buenos Aires" New version by Marcelo Nisinman CD "Tango Art" Marcelo Nisinman & The Ensemble Musica Urbana CD "Al Principio" Duos bandoneón, contrabajo all music composed by Marcelo Nisinman CD "Desvios" Tango music theater composition by Marcelo Nisinman Music Carlos Trafic text libretto