Adrian Fioramonti, Electric Guitar

Winfried Holzenkamp, Double Bass & Ukelele
Marcelo Nisinman, Bandoneon

«Argentinos en Europa» by Marcelo Nisinman

This was the rehearsal previous to the concert at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London England, on July 2014.

The piece was composed by Nisinman, inspired on the homonym «Aguafuerte Porteña» written by fantastic and unique writer Roberto Arlt.


New Cd «Señor Tango» recorded live at Konzerthaus in Berlin, together with the fantastic Vogler Quartett (+ Winfried Holzenkamp Double Bass) will be released end of May.

Compositions by Nisinman & Piazzolla

Happy about this collaboration together!




02 mai 2014 20h00 – Bâle, Gare du Nord
Prix :30.- / 20.-
Réservation :

03 mai 2014 20h30 – Delémont, Forum St-Georges

Marcelo Nisinman (1970) Buenos Aires, Basel
«3ème génération» pour Bandoneon et orchestre

Julio Viera (1943) Buenos Aires
La noche boca arriba

Pablo Ortiz (1956) Buenos Aires, Davis USA

Facundo Agudin, direction
Marcelo Nisinman, bandoneon
Lisandro Abadie, narrateur

Orchestre Musique des Lumières
Production Musique des Lumières
Enregistrement pour Oehms Classics Munich

Coming in up in december concert together with

Daniel Rowland, Natacha Kudritskaya, Alberto Mersica & Zoran Markovic

21st December in Leiden, Holland

22nd December at Stift, Holland


Happy soon to be in Berlin!

Konzert with the Vogler Quartett at Konzerthaus Berlin with Winfried Holzenkampf in Double Bass (30/11/13).

We will do Tango, new Tango and the premier of my new composition «4 for Vogler» for String Quartet with Bandoneon

Best! Marcelo

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Coming up on the 30th October

Solo recital concert at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels

With Winfried Holzenkamp as invited guest in Double Bass



Happy to be back in September at Philippe Graffin’s Festival in St. Nazaire, France.

Will be playing there with Ivry GitlisChen Halevi, Philippe Graffin, Felipe Pinto-Ribeiro & Winfried Holzhenkamp.

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